Un linking Crosshairs in TheSkyX


When connected to a telescope mount, TheSkyX’s Sky Chart cannot seem to be pointed away from the telescope’s current position. For instance, using the Orientation > Look commands (e.g. Look South) briefly changes the Sky Chart, but then it immediately returns to where the telescope is pointed.
By default, TheSkyX will keep the telescope cross hairs centered on the Sky Chart. This behavior can be changed using the following procedure:

  1. Choose Telescope – Telescope Setup to open the Imaging System Setup window. (This can also be opened by clicking the Display – Telescope window’s Mount Setup button.)
  2. The Mount item should be selected in the Hardware Selection section at the left, so the right-hand portion of the window contains settings and preferences related to the mount.
  3. Look for the “Always keep telescope crosshairs visible on Sky Chart” setting, which is likely presently set to “Yes” or “Yes, centered”.
  4. Set this to “No”, then close the Imaging System Setup window.
  5. You should now be able to position the Sky Chart on any object or position desired, whilst connected to the mount. To return the Sky Chart to the mount’s position, use the Center Cross Hairs button on the DisplayTelescope window.

Suspend Connection Button (TheSkyX Professional Edition Only)

If you’d prefer the Sky Chart to be centered on, or contain, the telescope cross hairs at most times, yet occasionally be able to position it elsewhere, then you may want to add a Suspend Connection button to a toolbar. (Customizing toolbars is described in the Toolbars section of the user guide.)
NOTE: This procedure requires TheSkyX Professional Edition

  1. In TheSkyX, press Ctrl+, (hold down the control key and then tap the comma key) or from the Edit menu (TheSkyX menu on Mac, Tools menu prior to version 10.5.0) choose the Preferences command.
  2. On the Preferences window’s Toolbars tab, click the Customize button (near the bottom of the window).
  3. Select a toolbar from the Toolbars list at upper-right of the window (the Telescope Toolbar is a logical candidate), or add a New one, if desired.
  4. Click anywhere within the Actions section on the left-hand side of the window, and then begin typing “suspend” to quickly locate the Suspend Button action.
  5. With the Suspend Button action highlighted, click the green —> (right arrow) button to add this to the selected toolbar.
  6. Use the green up and down buttons to move the action within the toolbar, if desired.
  7. Click the OK button to close the Customize Toolbar window, and then Close the Preferences window.

You should now have a Suspend Connection button on the chosen toolbar (you may also need to turn the toolbar on, which can be done from the context menu by right-clicking on either a currently visible toolbar, or the top-level menu region of TheSkyX’s window).

This is a toggle button: when selected, communications with the mount will be suspended; when deselected, communications will resume.


TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition (partially)

TheSkyX Professional Edition