For 32 years I had the best job on the planet, at least in my opinion.  I wanted to race motorcycles from a young age.  Problem was I grew up big and didn’t have what it took to be quick on a bike.  Funny thing though, I discovered I had a knack for tuning and helping someone else get around the track as quick as possible.  Helping many pro riders over a career with 12 years spent with Ben Spies, we won 3 consecutive AMA superbike championships a world superbike championship and went to MotoGP before Bens career was cut short at the Malaysian GP with a crash in the rain that injured his shoulder.  I’d been with him so long when he retired I did to. 

Yeah, this is an astro page, dad got me interested in astronomy at a young age, that ole view of Saturn and I was hooked. I’m happy that circumstance enabled us to be able to acquire property in a dark location to be able to pursue the passion of astro photography.